Transparency is something we believe in deeply as part of our core philosophy. Knowing where your money is going in our company is done for a few reasons. It helps you see that our pricing isn’t arbitrary, like some of our competitors, and it also reinforces the fact that we aren’t into price gouging! We are a people-centric business and we walk the walk! This ideology was inspired by Buffer, a leader in business transparency! 

Below you will find a breakdown of where your dollars are going when you choose to use our services.


Labour & Payroll

Our philosophy of people first doesn’t just apply to our customers, it applies to our employees. That’s why we make a point of paying above average wages so lives aren’t dictated by mandatory minimum wages. We believe in making a living, not making just enough to get by.


Landscaping maintenance and construction requires a variety of equipment and tools. This equipment can be quite costly but it ensures the job is done right. That’s why we utilize the right tools for the job, no cut corners.




Depending on the job materials could include a variety of different things. In winter, this is mainly comprised of salt for our larger commercial sites, construction materials, or fertilizers. A question you likely now have is “I hired you for a job that doesn’t have materials! Are you charging me more?” The answer to that is no. We average these numbers out when budgeting for the fiscal year as an easy way to forecast. For jobs that do not require materials, we do not include an extra charge for them!

Overhead Costs

Overhead costs include a variety of different little expenses that add up quick! Keeping this low ensures we can pass on savings to customers, but having it too low means you may be left exposed to a faulty business. 

Insurance, rent, marketing, uniforms, employee development, etc. is all included in this category.



Pledge 1%

Pledge 1% is a commitment we have made to dedicate 1% of revenue to charities and back to the local community. While we always aim for more than this, it serves as a base for us to use when budgeting. All community projects & donations will be posted on a page soon to come! 


This is oftentimes the most hated and misunderstood line item in a businesses revenue breakdown among business owners and customers! Depending on an owner’s background, they may see this item as the cash they take home at the end of the day – aka, their personal gains. Customers often take the same view however, they see it as a terrible thing that shouldn’t be allowed, because profit is bad right? This is what we think of both of those views.  

In reality, and in a properly managed company, the profit is both provides an incentive and a tool. It incentivizes a company to become more efficient and effective. It acts as a tool in the sense that properly managed profits should be redirected to fuel company growth and be reinvested in the company. These things allow for a better functioning company to offer better services for less!