Product & Facility

Clix Modular Building System

Clix is a modular building system that provides a seamless and highly user-friendly experience for homeowners at an extremely affordable price. Clix is a unique system developed to be fully customizable to each user’s needs without changing production for each unit. 

What is a Clix Modular Home?

Our Clix modular building system is an 8ft. by 20ft. modular housing system ready to live in upon delivery starting at $40,000 CAD. These units can be installed in hours, are customizable via our panelized system, and are infinitely expandable.

This means that as a consumer you can start with one unit and infinity expand your ADU as your family grows by simply connecting 2 or more units together – without contractor intervention. Our units are fully Ontario Building Code compliant and come with integrated heating, plumbing, and electrical. Simply order your unit, have it delivered, attach your utilities and you’re all set.

Where does the Clix ship?

Clix Modular Building Systems are conveniently located at a Port Hope, ON, production facility. Our new facility will be located just off highway 2 and only 3 min from highway 401. Modules will meet the exact iso compliance as shipping containers for the locking and lifting mechanisms, allowing them to pop on any truck, train, plane, or boat using the same equipment for shipping containers. Clix Modular Building Systems can ship to even the most remote destinations with this shipping convenience.

R&D and Facility

With the launch of Clix comes more exciting news! We have signed the lease on a new 20,000 sq ft building in Port Hope, where our new production facility will be. Our new facility will have a transport access road, a production facility, offices, and ten on site research and development units.

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