Our Philosophy

Building A Future No One Thought Possible. 



The Pillars of our Philosophy

Our people first philosophy revolves around the three pillars below, each one as important as the other. Without one the practice fails!

Business is one of the key pillars of our society and has helped lead to the creation of the world we live in today. What many fail to grasp, including corporations in pure pursuit of profits and investor happiness, is what actually makes up the pillar itself, people. Our founder, Jordan, envisions a world where this is different, where businesses not only prosper but recognize the importance of community and people over simple profits and margins. This is why we have made a promise to dedicate ourselves to people. This not only includes the people we serve but the employees that make our company possible. While we know we won’t change the world, we want to be the ones that lead by example. That set the standard for other businesses who follow in our footsteps in putting people first, because together we can make a difference.

People first.

Stating you’re a company that puts people first is one thing, but executing on that statement is a whole different ball game. How do you put into practice something that is arguably so abstract? While we are still working on a specific whole business test to make this determination cut and dry, we are using some common sense action items to get us on the right track. What sort of things you may ask? Check out our pillars of people below!


Some employers choose to provide the bare minimum, opting to believe that employees should be content with just having the opportunity to work for them and that an employees happiness is of no concern to the business. We like to take a different approach, choosing instead to foster an enjoyable work environment where happiness is front and center. We don’t see our employees simply as tools or assets, but people. 

Have a question about any aspect of our company culture, employee programs or other aspects of employment? Simply ask any staff member on site or reach out to us!


Clients are the main focus of any good business with customer service usually being the keyword. While great customer service is something we strive for, we want to go deeper than just the standard company-client relationship. Going the extra mile is our ultimate goal in client relationships.


Being a part of a community is something that involves a give and take cycle that includes all of us. In terms of business, a community gives in the form of clients and employees, while the business reciprocates by providing goods, services, and employment. While for some this may balance the scale we wanted to go further. As part of our commitment to people, we are dedicated to giving back to the community we operate in. A great example of this is our 1% pledge. We have pledged to give 1% of time and revenue to community programs and local charities. Check out our transparency section for a detailed look at our impact on the community!