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“Building a future no one thought possible”

Our Vision

Modular Housing

We’ve created a housing solution that clicks! Imagine a future where renovating your house is as easy as building a desk.

Infinite Possibilities

Our lives don’t stay the same forever, so why should our living space? We’ve developed a modern living system that will grow with you!

Seamless Integration

Using built-in AI assistance, homeowners and renters can customize their homes with boundless design capabilities to meet their needs.

Affordable Living

Become a homeowner for $40,000! We’re taking housing affordability to new heights, and it could have looked better!

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About Us

Jordan Stevenson founded Buildx in 2019, initially as a construction and renovation company. Stevenson changed the direction of the company from renovation to tiny home construction in 2021 with a new mission “To provide adaptable and affordable housing for all.”

Stevenson’s passion to provide affordable ADU (Additional Dwelling Unit) options began after a project to turn a shipping container into affordable housing was shut down by red tape put in place by the building department and municipal by-laws. Stevenson’s frustration continued to grow as ADU’s, and tiny home prices began to skyrocket during the Covid-19 pandemic.

Mid 2022, Stevenson decided to put together a team to focus solely on finding affordable solutions to the ever-growing unaffordability crisis – their solution – the Clix Modular Building System. With prices starting at just $40,000 CAD, Clix is a panelized modular system that’s taking affordable housing to new heights. Clix is currently in the conceptual stages, but we plan to begin prototyping in 2023. Our goal is to improve access to community housing and achieve housing stability throughout Canada and internationally. We see a future of modern modular systems designed with cutting-edge materials and technology.

Exciting News from HQ

We’ve Moved!

We’ve recently relocated to our new facility on Dale Rd in Port Hope! While this move is incredibly exciting we ask that no one visit without contacting us first. There’s lot of work to be done and we can’t wait to unveil our new facility to the public!

What is an Accessory Dwelling Unit (ADU)?

An accessory dwelling unit or accessory residential unit usually called an ADU/ARU, is a secondary housing unit on a single-family residential lot. In October of 2022, laws in Ontario changed, and a single-family residential lot is now allowed up to 3 residential units on the property!

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